Love Remains

by Brett Goldstein « Back to Productions

30 April 2011 - 30 April 2011

Leicester Square Theatre

“We get three questions each. And for the three questions only, we have to be completely one hundred percent honest.”

It’s been two years since Julian and Sarah broke up. They meet again in a bar and play a dangerous game of question and answer which quickly descends into a frenzied power struggle. Whilst fighting each other for the moral high ground they uncover the truth behind their four-year relationship, and find out exactly how well they know each other.

FreeRange Productions present the English premiere of Brett Goldstein’s darkly funny and immensely powerful debut play, cutting to the heart of human relationships.

“Let’s do this, let’s kill each other, everything on the table.”​

With thanks to
Liz Smith at Reading Quaker Meeting House // Alice Martineau // Kat Hoult // Alex Smith // Jo Rigg and the Box Office Team at Leicester Square Theatre // Jon Wheeler // Phil Creighton // Jake Orr // Michael Darton // A1 Posters and Laminators // A Local Printer // KallKwick // Cantley Lodge and Artsbar, Wokingham


Philip Dunster
Isabel Townend


Chris Snow
Production Manager
Sam Nickson
Technical Manager
Alistair Maxwell