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2 January 2013 - 6 January 2013

South Street Arts Centre

“Maybe empathy has a limit. A geography.”

Bea is 19, mischievous, fun-loving and full of life. But she wants to die.

When Bea demands something unspeakable from her mother, and asks her carer to go way beyond the call of duty, the two most important people in her life are forced to decide exactly how far they will go for the person they love.

This moving, challenging, and blissfully funny play explores our capacity to understand one another, and questions the true limits of human empathy.

Following ten hugely successful productions across the UK, FreeRange Productions return to South Street Arts Centre to celebrate the company’s second anniversary, with a strictly limited run of Mick Gordon’s uplifting and provocative ‘Bea’.

With thanks to
MWB Business Exchange // Wendy Hart // Rachel Hopkin // John Luther // Sally-Ann Gilmour // Tim Shurville // Kinzi Welsby // Fran Handley // Kathleen McCurdy // Ros Wheeler // Will Earle A’Hern // Ben Churchill


Isabel Brodie​
James Blake-Butler
Mrs James
Imogen Eley


Chris Snow
Production Design
Isabel Brodie​
Assistant Director
James Blake-Butler
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