About FreeRange

FreeRange Productions, based in the South East, is a fringe theatre company. We’re dedicated to fostering the artistic talent of actors, directors and writers at the start of their careers and working with them to create high-calibre, accessible professional productions.

Since forming, FreeRange have worked with over 60 of the next generation of theatre practitioners, offering many their first professional jobs. We tailor our productions to the unique vision of our members, and our work allows them to flourish as part of a like-minded team.

FreeRange Productions are the next generation of theatre.


Get Involved

FreeRange help provide the confidence and skills needed to pursue a career in the arts and beyond, with many of our previous members now making a big impact in the wider industry.

We are dedicated to providing a creative platform to act as a solid foundation for your future career. We support and encourage writers who want to see their words performed, directors who seek a team to display their vision, and actors who seek training and experience as they make their first steps in the industry.

You can submit a script or your CV to us at any time.

We always hold open auditions, and these will be announced on our website and through our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also accept applications on Casting Call Pro and Spotlight.



1. To create high quality and accessible professional productions with young actors, directors and designers at the start of their career.

2. To actively work with young people in the community, exploring our projects with them directly in schools and colleges.