Edinburgh Blog Post 1

by Ellie Di Biase, 24th July 2013

Hello again everyone!

FreeRange Productions are back online! We have our swanky new website which is effortless to update, so be prepared for blog after blog this year at Edinburgh Fringe. In case you didn’t know, the productions we’re taking up this year are, ‘The Sign of Four‘ and ‘Shakespeare’s Cymbeline‘. We’re also working in partnership with a wonderful company called Quite Nice Theatre, and they’ll be performing ‘Snakes! The Musical‘ and  ‘This Was Your Life‘, the latter of which we co-produced on a national tour earlier this year.

So it’s all hands on deck at our FreeRange headquarters!

We’re also performing previews of The Sign of Four and Shakespeare’s Cymbeline this Saturday at South Hill Park in Bracknell, for which tickets are now available to buy.

It should be a very special night with great entertainment and great company!

And if that doesn’t convince you, here are my thoughts on Cymbeline, written after popping into a FreeRange rehearsal yesterday.

IMG_1177 edit IMG_1228 edit

As I walked into the FreeRange offices yesterday I felt as though I was going into ‘The Actors Studio’! Not because of the zen-like focus of the team, or indeed because of the overwhelming beauty of ‘the space’, but because everyone seemed to be going just a little bit mad. There were jokes left right and centre, lots of flailing bodies and no small amount of of heat induced hallucination…

Now you may be thinking that this concoction sounds far from productive, and I would agree, which is why I’m pleased to say that this display was in fact the result of a break time. However what did strike me from the atmosphere in our office on that fine July afternoon, is that the FreeRange cast of 2013 are a tightly knit, terribly creative and invigorating group who have worked tirelessly throughout this month, and as a result have maybe, just a little bit, turned into their respective characters in Cymbeline!

After a lot of giggles and getting to know the team, it was time for more rehearsing, and what was originally a light-hearted and playful atmosphere swiftly turned into one of focus and productivity. The team instantly began to gather themselves, whether individually or in groups, and suddenly the curtain was drawn and before my eyes I was whisked into the tale of love, lust and betrayal that is Cymbeline, in many ways Shakespeare’s ‘lost play’.

I can certainly say that the FreeRange Productions team are ready for the Fringe 2013… But are you?!